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Our Story

In 2007, married couple Ferhat & Keyia Yalcin adopted a cute little Siberian Husky from an animal shelter in Arlington, Virginia. They named him Arti and he became their sidekick as they started to build a life together. As they built their famed community restaurant, Fishnet, Arti was right there, literally, eating up the scraps. As a part of the family, the Yalcins fed Arti with the same philosophy and often the same food as they fed themselves and their restaurant customers. This philosophy is focused on simplicity, quality and freshness and it paid off.


Arti lived to the ripe old age of 14.5 in great health and diet played an important role in his longevity. At Fishies, we are bringing our philosophy of feeding your pet from our family to yours so that you can give your sidekick the high quality snacks they deserve to build a lifetime of memories and by the way you can taste it for yourself. Everything in our dog treats you can find in our restaurant kitchen. 

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